4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Truck Engine Idle

Last time we discussed the many advantages to having an auxiliary power unit (APU) for your trucks. Key among these reasons is that it helps reduce idling time. Not only can this be an expensive proposition for your company and your fleet, idling also negatively impacts drivers in the following ways:

  • It reduces your gas efficiency: If you own a fleet of trucks then fuel is one of your biggest operational costs. Idling waste fuel since your truck is not fully in operation while the engine is still running. And since it is not always practical to completely turn off your engine in every situation in order to save gas, an APU unit can help you reduce fuel costs.
  • Contributes to better air quality: The quality of the air we breathe should be important to all of us. As a responsible truck driver/fleet manager, we know that you will want to help minimize harmful emissions into the air when possible. The longer a vehicle idles, the more pollutants are released into the environment. In fact, some studies show that just 10 minutes of idling emits one pound of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon monoxide is a known greenhouse gas that is also a proven contributor to global warming. semi truck
  • Keeps you in legal compliance: As we also discussed in a previous post, many states are cracking down on idling particularly that done by trucks. In fact, 30 states have made it illegal for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and buses to idle for more than five minutes at a time. New York City law even forbids cars and taxicabs from idling outside of schools for more than one minute!
  • It causes engine damage: Idling your truck, particularly in cold weather, strips oil from critical components that help protect its cylinders and pistons. As you know, a truck that is down cannot make you money. Moreover, such damage can shorten the life of your engine requiring you to replace it at great cost.

Do yourself, and your wallet, a favor this by having an auxiliary power unit installed in your truck or by having auxiliary power maintenance performed on your current unit. Our ASE-certified technicians are here to help your engine last longer with the aid of the right APU.

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