APUs: Reasons they are Worth the Investment

Anyone who owns a truck or manages a fleet of trucks knows how fuel expenses can quickly spiral out of control. An auxiliary power unit (APU) is a well proven technology that provides an affordable way to save operators fuel and time. How? Check out the top reasons an APU can be the best investment in your truck(s) you’ve made all year.

  • Decreases idling, Increases green efforts: According to several studies, approximately one gallon of diesel fuel is burned per hour of idle. Take that problem – which all motorists experience – and extrapolate it out to an entire fleet of trucks and you can see how it can add up to a major expense. However, when an APU is engaged, the number drops to only .10 gallons of fuel used per 1 hour of idle. What business or individual trucker driver would not be better off with such savings?
  • Helps truck drivers avoid idling fines: Idling is not only costly in terms of added fuel expenses, it is also harmful to the environment as pollutants are expelled while a truck sits and burns fuel. For this reason, authorities are cracking down on idling. In fact, some municipalities are levying fines of up to $1,000 for as little as five minutes of idling. Switching to an APU can eliminate the need to idle and save your company that extra expense.
  • Helps reduce maintenance costs: Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping fleets up and running. Integrating an APU into your truck’s operating system you will help you do this. It will also help you use your components such as your HVAC less. Finally reduced maintenance costs can help keep your fleets out of the shop and out on the road as much as possible increasing your company’s profit. apu
  • More in cab comfort: An installed APU system can become the sleep cab’s main source of power fueling the air conditioning, heating, etc., all without the use of the main engine. Thus, driver comfort can be increased greatly.

Your company invests in other quality equipment to ensure that its fleet stays out on the road. Why not invest in a system that saves you money and helps the environment at the same time? Our product line includes APUs from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We also perform auxiliary power maintenance for our clients.

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