Valuable Skills you Need to Succeed in the Trucking Industry

Being a truck driver involves much more than sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle and driving all day. There are plenty of skills needed in order to do a great job at it. For example, excellent communication skills are needed to make a great truck driver. You have to be able to talk with your dispatcher in order to get the right loads and to work out any delivery or pick up problems. Moreover, if you work for a company you are essentially its representative and must communicate with clients.

Navigation is another part of driving a semi truck as there are particular roads that can be used and those that can’t. GPS is helpful of course, but truck drivers should also be able to read maps so they can find their destination. They must also be on the lookout for clearance signs on bridges and bypasses to ensure their truck and trailer aren’t too tall to fit under them.

Also, truck drivers need to be responsible and reliable. Driving a semi truck can be dangerous for both the driver and other people on the road. Obeying the rules of the road and following the speed limit is one of the driver’s most solemn duties. Next, motivation is very helpful for truck drivers because it helps them to get the job done correctly. It can be easy to turn off that alarm and go back to bed when you are tired, but being motivated to make every delivery on time is what will keep you in business and keep commerce moving.

Successful truck driver must also have above par organizational abilities. There is plenty of paperwork that drivers’ must complete on a daily basis. The log book – for example – needs to be filled out correctly or you can end up in trouble with the law and with your employer. Moreover, trip packets have to be completed with all of the necessary paperwork or it can delay your pay for the work you completed. Finally, you also have to keep track of your expenses so you are able to use them as deductions on your income tax return.

Most importantly, it is useful if the truck driver has a basic understanding of how their semi truck operates. This way they can identify any problems that can be prevented. For example, drivers should know that having an auxiliary power unit can increase fuel efficiently by reducing idling time. They should also know the importance of APU maintenance and well as how to stay on top of his/her rig’s other systems. In short, these skills will help keep the job enjoyable and safe as well as profitable for the driver and his/her employer.

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