Finding the Best Deals on APUs for Sale: Your Fleet’s Game-Changer


Are you looking for the best deals on APUs for sale to upgrade your fleet operations? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll explore why fleet operations need APUs and how you can find the best deals on APUs for sale. With the right APU, you can make a real difference to your fleet’s performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. So read on to find out how you can find the perfect APU for your needs.


What are APUs and Why are They Important for Fleet Operations

If you’re in the fleet management industry, you know that keeping your fleet up and running is crucial. One of the things that can significantly affect your bottom line is the fuel consumption of your vehicles. This is where auxiliary power units (APUs) come in handy. APUs are small generators that are installed on vehicles to provide heating, air conditioning, and electricity while the engine is off. APUs are essential for fleet operations because they help reduce the need for idling. Idling not only consumes fuel but also puts extra wear and tear on the engine. This leads to increased maintenance costs and shorter lifespan for the engine. By using APUs, fleet managers can save on fuel costs and reduce maintenance expenses.

APUs are especially important for vehicles that operate in extreme temperatures. During hot summers or cold winters, drivers need to run the air conditioning or heating system to stay comfortable. With APUs, drivers can enjoy a comfortable environment without having to keep the engine running.

APUs also help reduce emissions. When a vehicle is idling, it emits pollutants into the atmosphere. With APUs, fleet managers can reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing idling time. In summary, APUs are an important tool for fleet operations. They help reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and emissions. If you’re looking for a way to improve your fleet’s performance, consider investing in APUs.


Benefits of Using APUs in Fleet Operations

The use of APUs in fleet operations provides numerous benefits that can significantly impact the bottom line of any business. Here are just a few of the advantages that fleet managers can expect from investing in APUs:

  1. Reduced Fuel Consumption: One of the primary benefits of using APUs in fleet operations is that they significantly reduce fuel consumption. By eliminating the need to keep the engine running for heat or air conditioning, APUs can help to cut fuel costs and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet.
  2. Increased Driver Comfort: APUs provide drivers with a comfortable environment, no matter the outside temperature. They can heat or cool the cab without the need to run the engine, allowing drivers to rest comfortably during breaks without being disturbed by engine noise.
  3. Extended Engine Life: Using an APU instead of the main engine to power heating and cooling systems can significantly extend the life of the engine. This is because the engine is not put under the strain of powering the cab systems while idle, which can lead to wear and tear.
  4. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Since the engine is not used for powering cab systems, there is less wear and tear on the engine and fewer repairs required. This can lead to lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of your fleet.
  5. Compliance with Idle Laws: Many states and municipalities have strict idle laws, which prohibit long periods of idling by commercial vehicles. APUs allow drivers to comply with these laws, avoiding costly fines and reducing emissions.


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