The History of Thermo King Corporation

Thermo King Parts are now synonymous in the world of APU’s as one of the top carriers
and quality parts. But how did they come to be? Thermo King Corporation is an American
Manufacturer of transport temperature control systems for trucks, trailers, and shipboard
containers. They now develop TriPac hybrid auxiliary idle reduction and temperature
management systems for truck cabs. This is likely how you know of them today. Headquartered
in Minneapolis they are a proud American company.
In the beginning Joe Numero partnered with engineer Fredrick Jones and formed what is
now Thermo King. They developed a cooling unit for trucks that were carrying perishable food.
They were able to patent this development in 1940. After that was established, they were then
challenged to create a refrigerated truck and Thermo King was born. Refrigerated transport
changed the way the entire food industry operated. Thermo King’s most recent invention is the
development of the TriPac hybrid auxiliary idle reduction and temperature management system
which eliminates the need for a truck engine to idle while still providing heating and cooling to
the truck cab.
Just like refrigerated trucks forever changed the food industry, the TriPac hybridapuauxillary idle reduction and temperature management system forever changed the trucking
industry. If you are in need of Thermo King Parts, our APU Center would be happy to help you
find exactly what it is you are looking for. We can help guide you to new products as well as
help you restore any problematic existing parts that you may already have.

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