APUs for Sale: Why Auxiliary Power Units Save Money for Fleet Owners

Are you a fleet owner looking to save money? Look no further than APUs for sale!
Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) are small, self-contained power sources that are installed on
trucks or other vehicles and can provide heat, air conditioning, and electricity to the cab. They
save money for fleet owners in multiple ways, from reduced fuel costs to decreased
maintenance expenses. In this blog post, we'll discuss why APUs for sale are a great option for
fleet owners looking to save money.

The high cost of idling

Idling is an expensive habit for fleet owners. When vehicles remain idle, they continue
to burn fuel and incur other costs, including maintenance and repair expenses. Over time, idling
adds up and can be a significant burden on a fleet owner's budget. In fact, the U.S. Department
of Energy estimates that idling a single diesel truck for two hours can cost as much as $75 or
more in fuel alone. This doesn’t include the additional costs associated with repairs due to
excess wear and tear on the vehicle. With the average truck idling 6-8 hours each day, these
costs quickly add up and can represent a significant portion of fleet operating expenses.
Furthermore, most state and federal regulations require vehicles to meet certain air quality
standards. Idling can cause exhaust to exceed these standards, leading to costly fines.
Clearly, reducing idling time is an important goal for fleet owners. Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)
are designed to do just that by providing power to trucks without requiring them to run their
engines. By using APUs instead of idling, fleet owners can reduce their overall operating costs
and remain compliant with air quality regulations.
The bottom line

When it comes to saving money on fuel, there’s no better way than investing in an
auxiliary power unit (APU). APUs provide fleet owners with an efficient and cost-effective way
to reduce fuel costs by eliminating the need for engines to idle. In addition to reducing fuel
costs, APUs also help reduce engine wear and tear, which can lead to further savings down the
line. Overall, investing in an APU is a great way for fleet owners to save money on fuel costs,
reduce engine wear and tear, and ultimately keep their vehicles running longer.

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