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The increase usage of APUs becomes more important than ever across multiple states in
the Eastern United States. Many states have begun to address their current idling laws and how
improvements can be made. There are ongoing concerns about the idling laws regarding
vehicle emissions and how these emissions are affecting the air quality of the surrounding
areas. See below for a few of the specific state concerns and how APUs can work to resolve
these matters.
 Connecticut: In the state of Connecticut, they are working to expand the enforcement
of their idling regulations. Connecticut wants to work to prohibit idling for anything
greater than three consecutive minutes. Exceptions are allowed for vehicles to defrost
when it is less than 20 degrees outside.
 New Jersey: The new bill in New Jersey would revise existing idling laws that currently
limit idling to three consecutive minutes. New Jersey hopes to reduce this three-minute
regulation down to two minutes. Fines exist from $100 dollars up to $1,000 dollars.
 New York: New York hopes to address the fact that 19 million New Yorkers currently live
with unhealthy air quality daily. Idling limitations would exist for any vehicle greater
than 8,500 pounds. New York hopes to work to limit idling to three minutes. Fines exist
from $500 dollars up to as great as $18,000 dollars.
APUs work to help reduce idling. If you have any questions about how APUs can reduce
both emissions and costs for your fleet, we are always here to help.


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