5 Money Saving Tips for Drivers

There are plenty of expenses that come with driving a truck. And when it comes to fleet drivers the bottom line is the gross amount of money a driver spends less their expenses. Thus, the best way for an operator to increase his/her bottom line is by cutting expenses. This can significantly help increase the amount of revenue they are able to keep for themselves. Because we fully support truckers and know how expensive driving the big rigs can be, we would like to point out these areas where operators can save money.

  • The truck: Naturally, the biggest investment a truck driver has is in the purchase of the truck itself. In this, operators can save by purchasing a used truck that does not have a too much wear and tear on it. Drivers with good credit can usually find a reasonable interest rate on their auto loan. Even if a driver’s credit is “less than perfect,” he or she should shop around for the best rate and pay off the principle of the loan at every opportunity he/she can.
  • Routine maintenance: Making the effort to have your rig regularly maintained saves time and money. Getting regular oil changes, having belts and hoses checked as well as other systems serviced can head off expensive repairs.
  • Fuel: Truck owners and drivers can save on fuel costs in any number of ways. First, they can check out the many chain truck stops that offer fuel cards. With these, each time you use your card you can save a few cents per gallon. Next, avoid having your truck idle. As we’ve discussed before, this is illegal in many areas and wastes fuel. An auxiliary power unit can help reduce idling. Auxiliary power maintenance will keep your unit up and running when needed. Finally, moderate your speed when driving.
  • Food: Drivers can save a great deal of money by purchasing a mini-fridge and packing it with food items before they start out on the road. money
  • Use technology: There are several apps that can let drivers know about fuel prices in the areas where they will be traveling. Use these to save on fuel costs and to help let other drivers know about prices in certain areas.

Fuel and other expenses don’t have to represent a static cost for you or significantly reduce your bottom line. You can save money by using the above tips to become a more profitable and efficient driver.

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