Maintaining Your APU

The Thermo King APU price averages about $8,000 dollars. While this initial
investment may sound overwhelming when you are purchasing several units for a
large fleet, the return on your investment is nearly immediate. You are paying for
the value of low maintenance and long-term durability in a quality product. Not only
will the product itself withstand the test of time it will provide numerous cost saving
benefits along the way. APUs are battery based power systems that can operate your
fleets systems without running the engine. This allows the drivers all the heating,
cooling, and technology comforts of home without the wear and tear on the vehicle’sapu
APU’s require no fuel consumption, no idling, and give off zero noise. There is
also the added environment benefit of no related engine emissions due to idling. The
maintenance required on an APU is very minimal particularly when compared to the
maintenance required on an engine. There are no oil changes or expensive
replacements. The biggest maintenance that you will want to be aware of is that the
battery will need to be changed out roughly every 24-36 months depending on
usage. When referring to a vehicle it is quite common to refer to everything in
mileage. However, when referring to usage of an APU it is referred to in terms of
hours of usage. For example, every 2,000 hours you will want to change the fluids,
hoses, clamps and valves. This can cost around $800. This is still significantly less
than any engine maintenance.
If we can help you determine a fair Thermo King APU price or maintain your
existing APU we would be happy to help. Our team of trained professionals are here
to help advise you on the right decision for your fleet. We also encourage you to visit
our cost savings calculator to determine your long-term benefits.

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